Deer Creek began supporting Africa missions is Kenya over five years ago through the mission efforts of brother Chad Garrett.  We continue to support the work financially and through prayer, but also by sending some of our own members to be a part of this great work.

What Saith The Scripture?

God works is mysterious in ways beyond our comprehension.  Who would have believed that such a great work could have been born during one of the worst pandemics in our worlds history.  WSTS is a social media mission effort on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, created and maintained by Christian Franklin and Nehemiah Knox.

Christ's Happy Childhaven

Since December of 2020, we have had the wonderful opportunity to fulfill a need that has always been important to God and close to His heart. (James 1:27)  This haven for orphaned and abandoned children in the Philippines provides a chance for us to help children like this to experience a life of light rather than darkness.    


For the past couple of years now,  we have supported our brothers and sisters in Christ who are lepers.  Especially during Covid 19 pandemic, the congregation of lepers has had much difficulty in being able to provide food for themselves, which traditionally was gained by means of begging in the city.  We have been humbled and privileged to help provide some relief to them on a monthly basis.   

Oklahoma Homeless Relief

As one of our newest areas of support, we are the overseeing congregation for a local work right here in our own city.  Headed up by one of our previous deacons, we are excited to be able to be a part of a much needed work close to home.  Oklahoma Homeless Relief is committed to improving the quality of life by feeding the physical body but even more importantly, tending to the needs of the spiritual body.